State-of-the-Art Equipment Reduces Costs and Raises Quality

Our first-of-its-kind computer-to-plate (CTP) system by Kodak increases the fidelity of dot quality by 25% and raises our output speed by 100%. Everything is fully automated and trackable with remote proofing and approval. You can send files and collaborate online.

Something Spectacular is Happening in Our Press Room at No Cost to You
Vibrant Images, Like High Def TV…Thanks to Stochastic Printing

We’ve seen lots of innovations over our six decades in the printing industry, but nothing comes close to Stochastic printing and the crispness & clarity it brings to print. Stochastic printing uses random placement of dots scattered across the printing surface to produce rich color images with exquisite detail. Textures reproduce without moiré patterns. Solid areas of color no longer suffer from rosette patterns. The result is vibrant images that seem to leap off the page.

Exceptional Craftsmen and Expert Equipment

All of our employees are highly skilled and experienced, operating our state-of-the-art equipment. These are real craftsmen, working three shifts around the clock. They have an eye for color, a heart for quality, and a mind for mechanics. With the advanced equipment they’re using, the results you get are nothing short of spectacular. We’re able to produce quality work faster, to provide spot-on proofs that precisely match the final printed piece, and to create reprints that match the original color exactly.

Pantone color swatches
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